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Adam's bio


Name: Adam (last name unknown)

Age: current age 40

Race: Human

Alias: God's magician, God among men, monster child (when he first found the ark)

Gender: Male


Adam - the most powerful spell caster to ever exist, renowned all through out the mythos. But before all that he was just a young apprentice working for a local wizard who was also sort of archaeologist. The wizard mainly searched for items of great magical power to add to his arsenal. In one of their expeditions the wizard asked the boy to tag along him as the location was extremely unstable cave system. The search went without a problem...well that is until the cave finally collapsed separating the wizard from the boy. Both of them have tried to reach each other but to no avail. The boy was left to find a way out by himself. As he was wondering around he stumbled across an abandoned crypt. In the middle stood a shining golden chest. The boy suddenly became drawn close to until he reached the object. It was the arc of covenant. The boy opened the chest and suddenly his body was empowered he suddenly felt like a different man inside the chest was also a stone tablet and a rod - the rod of Aaron. The boy's doubts dissapeared, he suddenly took up the rod and the stone tablet and with one spell annihilated the mountain along with the wizard. And this is the story of a boy who gained the power sent directly from the god, however this is only the beginning of the story for the man who was born from the boy - the story of Adam. 


He usually wears a crimson red shirt with a dark black cloak on top. He rocks green hair and dark blue eyes. He never changes his uniform and instead uses magic to keep it hygienic at all times. If he does need to have different clothes he uses illusions for that matter.

Powers and abilities:

As a spell caster Adam's main weapon is magic.His magic raised to unimaginable heights when he found the ark of covenant and the 3 things contained in it.

Mana: The thing that completely transformed the child into what he is today. It mainly raised his magical prowess as well as awakened his mind, allowing him to comprehend, learn react strategize at impossible levels as well as increasing his power pool to new heights.

Aaron's rod: The only rod capable of channeling the power that the user gains from mana. The rod holds supreme even among legendary weapons further increasing the wielders magical abilities and automatically boosting the power of every spell cast.

Tablet of 10 great magics: Last piece that makes Adam so powerful. This stone tablet holds the 10 most powerful spells in existence and is feared by all. This tablet can only be used in conjunction to receiving mana and wielding Aaron's rod. This tablet also bestows upon the user the knowledge of the gods and functions as a sort of window to their realm.
Note: The 10 great magics are ALWAYS at the power cap that exists at the time

The 10 great magics are are as follows:
1. All slayer: The flame that ignores the durability and resistance of anything.

2. Breath life: Allows you to create powerful beings with their own powers, looks, personality etc. Was used to create 2 of Adam's servants - Gravel, Rill. Adam claims that it's useless in battle as it is impossible to think of everything that makes up a good servant in the heat of battle
3. Emperor's Crown: A buff that allows you to claim superior will to all. This in turn allows you to will things to happen, like pushing through wounds that would otherwise put you down unconscious or even kill you, will forth more power etc.  

4. The Eternal nightmare of a God: The user can cast his opponent in to a nightmare realm. In this realm a user can manifest as their greatest nightmare even if the opponent claims he's not afraid of anything he can still succumb to it, considering this spell can make even a god be mentally scarred for life.

5. Cry of the fallen. Drains life out surrounding area inducing death or near death to all within 500 meters. The ability seems to be indiscriminate as it works on anyone and anything. It seems to be near instantaneous and impossible to resist. Not even gods are immune to it

6. Heavenly forecast: Gives the caster the ability to create weather out of anything even if it defies logic. For example: Lightning rain, blood hurricane, metal shrapnel storm, sharknado etc. 

7. Reset, done: the ability to turn any actions and processes, including opponent's attack back to the state of "zero", completely nullifying them.

8. Chain reaction: it's a spell with the power of escalation. For example if the user were to scratch the concrete the cast this spell it would accelerate the deterioration of that scratch and eventually little scratch would become a hole in the wall, same can be applied to some wounds as untreated  they can  become infected and damaged beyond repair....well by any normal means. The spell always requires a catalyst to work however that is not a problem as even a simple breeze is enough of a catalyst to turn into a tornado. 



Physical stats:
DC/AP: Solar system level

Speed: Faster than light
Durability: Solar system

Magic enhanced physical stats:
DC/AP: max possible at the time
Speed: immeasurable

Durability: max possible at the time

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