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Koga Katashi bio


     Name: Koga Katashi

     Age: incalculable (actual) | 19 (biological)

     Gender: Male



'Year 3581, unknown timeline'
 A young boy lives happily with his family. That family are also scientists, or more accurately - time traveling scientists. The boy's name - Koga
'Year 3586, July 12, 2:23 pm'
Koga returns from school crying, and puts down his stuff and runs upstairs to his room. His parents go to his room to see if he's ok and to hopefully comfort him. He explains how he actually hurt someone out of anger. His parents tell him it's ok and they all eat dinner. The rest of the day proceeds to go normally.
'Year 3586, July 20, 5:48 pm'
Koga ponders why do people around him only get hurt, and why is he shunned by all of his classmates and friends.
'Year 3586, July 29, 6:51 pm'
Koga sneaks into his fathers lab and finds a time pod prototype his father is working on. Not knowing what it is he goes to check it out. This is however where an accident happens. As Koga walks towards the pod he trips on a cable really close to the time pod and falls into it. The act of Koga falling into the pod moves it a bit and accidentally activates it. However with no coordinates set and the pod being unfinished, it was a recipe for disaster. The pod send Koga flying through the eternity of time while simultaneously, Koga, little by little seemed to have started absorbing knowledge from all of time he's be floating in. The time he spent there became so big it was incalculable and yet Koga barely aged. Instead through all the knowledge he absorbed he developed his own abilities, even some that he's not even aware of. His pod was floating in this sea of eternity for seemingly eternity until it finally broke a hole in space and time and landed in the current timeline.

                               Powers and abilities

Limbo drive (or Loop drive):
The main ability developed from all the knowledge gathered from all the time he spent floating in well....time. The ability allows him to loop his own actions as many times as he wishes in mere moments or even a single instant. He can only use it in short bursts, as he needs to wait at least 20 to 30 seconds before he could use it again. The cooldown time may or may not increase the more exhausted and damaged he is. 

Limbo drive: Delay

A variation of the regular use of Limbo drive where he can delay any or all consecutive loops for a surprise attack.

Implosion Y

The ability is self explanatory. By selecting a focus point and an area of affect he can create an implosion to the focus point. This can essentially make dodging pointless however it can be a double edged sword as anything unwanted caught  in the implosion may throw off the user himself, defeating the purpose of using the ability in the first place. 

Explosion X

The ability allows Koga to create any kind of explosion as well as manipulate every aspect of explosions.
The current biggest explosion as stated by Koga himself can wipe out a solar system 5 times the size of our own to absolute nothingness. 

current Stats (just to reiterate)
DC: High solar system 

Speed: High relativistic to FTL
DC: High Solar system